What Dual-band WLAN (wifi N) would you recommend for ALIX 2D2 Appliance ?

  • Hi everybody,

    I've been looking to a lot of posts lately about what WIFI card I should by to get the WIFI N on my ALIX 2D2 with 2 antennas.

    I bought an Broadcom BCM43222 which is supposed to be supported by FreeBSD 10.1 (web site refers to BCM43 series as supported chipset) but it doesn't work. It not even recognized.

    So I was wondering if someone can tell me what mini-PCI WIFI N card work well on an ALIX appliance (according to your tests).
    If can can avoid to buy 20 different cards before I get the good one !  :)

    Thanks for your answers. (and feel free to go nuts on that post, the more cards are listed, the better it is for future people looking at it !)


  • AR5BHB92 AR9280 works in ng mode with pfsense 2.2 RC for me in a APU1D box.

  • Thanks pf3000  :D

    I was looking for a mini-PCI and not a mini-PCIe card. I understand that I better buy an APU1C with mini-PCIe port to have more choice.

    However, it would be awesome to find a way to have a Wi-Fi N compatible card on an Alix 2D2 or 2D13 too.

    That device works perfectly well with that distrib of pfsense but being stuck on 54Mb/s is quite weak for multiple video streams 

    Anyone else ?  ;D

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The ALIX platform itself can only handle 85Mbit/s at most, probably less if it has to handle the wifi overhead. N won't get you far there, G is already taxing the ALIX fairly hard.

    An external AP is still the best choice, even if the OS supports N on the right cards. Though I wouldn't bother with it on less than an APU.

  • Fair enough.
    I'll go for an external AP, and I'll plan to migrate on a APU later.


    Question is closed. thanks to Jimp.

    to sum up:
    Alix appliance are not strong enough to handle N wireless properly. The solution is to have an external AP or to migrate on a stronger platform like the APU.


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