[RESOLVED] web GUI starts to crawl when high traffic from lan to wan

  • in 2.2 i noticed that when traffic to/from internet is high, that time accessing the web gui becomes almost impossible. I have 43mbps down and 10mbps up link on my alix nanobsd, when download reaches like around 10-15mbps that time accessing the web gui becomes like incredibly slow, i checked my state table and it has like 22k max size and im not even reaching 1k at the time this happens. The other cause could be the way my traffic shaper is set and there was a bug report i had submitted about it, link below, has that issue gone in the newer freebsd or does it still exist?


    any1 else having  such an issue?

  • That's an issue we're looking into. There is a general performance issue along those lines.

  • BSD idiot here…  Is there a simple way to give higher priority to the processes related to the web gui?

  • Not in a way that'll work around this issue.

  • i was trying to saturate my line today but it seems on 2.2 RC i cant even get close to the 43mbps download rate, just at around 20mbps the web gui dies and everything else also goes slow.

    this test was done from one PC only on lan but same test with 2.1.5 i am easily able to completely saturate the line

  • This should have been fixed yesterday, upgrade to today's snapshot.

  • seems a lot better now

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