2.1.5 install hangs on 64bit, works fine on 32bit.

  • Hi folks, I'm trying to install v2.1.5 on a decommissioned HP ProLiant dl320 g5p (w/ 4GB).  Attempting to install the 64bit version hangs the installer at 38% indicating "Waiting for backend" (I waited several hours to see if it was hung or just slow).  When it gets to this point, the system is completely unresponsive to input - I can't cancel, etc.  However, the spinning '/' does update albeit very slowly.  Trying to install from USB or CD has the same result.  However, running the 32bit installer works fine (it does sit at 38% writing to the disk for 10-20 seconds but then completes normally).  Anyone else running into this?



  • I see a thread for the same issue already exists.


    Count me as another repro…

  • Try the 2.2 snapshot and see if it brings you any joy.

  • I've come across this problem once. I had left the network cables plugged in and it just hung on 38%. Only figured it out when I backtracked to what I had done before and what I was doing now and realized that the network cables being unplugged/plugged in were the only difference.

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