[QUESTION] Custom Package Repo, again…

  • Hey guys,

    since 2.1 I'm using my own repo. I don't clone the "original", but add extra packages to the XML's and point to my own server. Till now everything went smooth, but I decided to go with 2.2.

    Snapshot: Wed Dec 17 10:56:19 CST 2014

    The webGUI shows me the "alert" that I have a custom repo configured. But installing my own packages, it tries to download from


    So I decided to edit "/etc/inc/pkg-utils.inc" at line 493 from

    $priv_url = "https://files.pfsense.org/packages/{$rel}/All/";


    $priv_url = "https://my.own.server/packages/{$rel}/All/";

    Now it works, but it's hardcoded and changes in the webGUI won't have any effect.
    Had no time to look more in detail, but I would love to see this feature working again :)

    Thanks in advance

  • ~~It's getting weird… I installed my self created PBI and it was listed as "installed". Did a couple of reboots and it's gone from "installed" Packages, but it does work as it should.

    Available Packages:
    A list of all "default" available packages + my custom squid package

    Installed Packages after install, before reboot:
    my custom squid package

    Installed Packages after install, after reboot:
    no custom squid. it is listed under "available packages" again.

    After installation, custom squid is working as expected. No change to the functions after reboot. Everything runs smooth and squid is installed under "/usr/pbi/squid-amd64/".

    The PBI was created with the pfsense-tools. In 2.1.5 everything worked this way. Is it me or my pfense box? :o~~

    Seems that me is the problem…  ::)
    installed my custom squid again -> pfsense knows that it is a reinstall
    uninstalled it
    everything is fine :)

    will have a look on this on my other pfSense's. If there are similar issues, I will report back.

    The custom repo-URL is not solved. I need it hardcoded in my system.

  • Could someone please give me a hint where the download actually happens? I can't find the place where


    is called. It looks like the base_url is not set properly…

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