How to Replace Telstra NBN Router with PfSense

  • Hi Guys,

    Could someone guide me on how to replace Telstra NBN router? I want to use PfSense appliance for the gateway. How to make sure NBN phone number still working even it's already replace with PfSense?


  • Probably quite a few Australian users on here but maybe not many with NBN.

    You might do better signing up to Whirlpool and posting in the Networking forum.

  • An entire country has switched to combo-crap router/modem/phone?
    Wow - Thats bad.

  • No doubt it has all the usual vulnerabilities too.

  • This comment is totally off topic, however, I feel that infrastructure should be as generic as possible in nature.  Hardware should as default terminate into generic modems, generic routers and generic SIP adapters so that any one of which can be easily exchanged.  It works perfectly well that way and pleases far more people.  There is nothing particularly cost effective about the combo boxes if you ask me.

    My advice is dump the phone, change the router and add a generic SIP device and service.

  • Yes, we've strayed from the topic.  Just as well I resisted the temptation to rant about the government dumping FTTP as the primary delivery medium :)

    The NBN is "generic".  As I understand it, you only get an Optical Network Termination from NBN Co.  That has phone and ethernet connections on it.  You supply the router or you get one from your ISP.  The latter seems likely in the case of the OP and he probably gets VoIP through that.

  • Hi Biggsy,

    Yeah I'm sure all features in PfSense will working with NBN. But the phone number setup just make thing complicated.  :(

    Hi Kejianshi,

    What do you mean by add a generic SIP device and service?

    I'm still new with Australia Telstra NBN  :'(

  • Does your phone connect to the Telstra router or to the NBN ONT?

    If the phone is connected directly to the ONT you shouldn't need to do anything other than swap out the Telstra router and replace it with the pfSense router.

    As I said, though, try the Whirlpool Networking forum.  There people there who know their NBN stuff and will help you.

  • has there been any development with this…

    I have gotten my pfSense box in front of my Telstra router and have the phone service working on the supplied router...

    but I can't seem to get dhcp6 to pick up an IP address

    I can supply relevant information if people are still chasing setting up the phone through pfSense.

    EDIT:  well it's an unreliable phone connection I've found out

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