Multi WAN on One IP

  • Hello, I'm trying to separate my PlayStation4 from the rest of my network so that I can control the permissions.

    I have 2 VLANS. to "LAN" to "LPS4"

    This works great. The main problem is the WAN port. I have snort running on the WAN, and it keeps blocking my PS4 IP's. I don't what to ignore all the rules on the WAN just to the PS4, so my idea was to add a second WAN just to "LPS4" that would bypass snort. Lets call it WANPS.

    How can I accomplish this? And when a incoming traffic arrives to PfSense who would he know to send it to "LPS4" interface by "WANPS"? And not WAN. And outgoing Traffic from "LPS4" to WANPS

    I hope it was clear.

    Thank You
    Best Regards

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