HAproxy-devel issue

  • Hi

    I'm experiencing a strange issue with the latest HAproxy-devel version. I'm doing HTTPS reverseproxy with one cert installed (wildcard) and almost everything works as expected.
    But I have made a frontend to listen for a certain hostname and a "path starts with" called /rpc/rpcproxy.dll. It's to be used for Microsoft Remote Desktop gateway services (RDP over HTTPS) and i have it running and configed on several other PFsense installs that use a slightly older HAproxy.

    But in this new one the authentication with the RD gateway server always fails. I have tried the same connect behind the HAproxy and then everything works as expected. If i briefly do a NAT 443 forward directly into the RD gateway then everything works equally well. The funny part is when removing the direct NAT translation and returning to the HAproxy then it also works. It will continue to work until i change a setting on HA or restart the firewall. Then it stops working again. Any ideas?

  • Hi Keyser,
    Could you list what exact version of haproxy-devel package and version output of "haproxy -vv" it works with? And with what version it doesn't?

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