Installation of pfSense 2.2 freezes

  • Hello1

    I would like to install the stable 2.1.5 version but stock with the issue here: So, I have switched to 2.2 (issue has been fixed in FreeBSD 10).

    My installation is stuck on the lines
    re0: link state changed to DOWN
    re1: link state changed to DOWN

    Anyone experiencing the same issue? I am attaching the screen photo to see. Both NICs are physically disconnected (I cannot believe this is the issue).

    Thank you!

  • It doesn't seem to complete mounting the install media.  What are you installing from, and how did you create the install image?

    Make sure you are not using a USB3 port, use a USB2 port for the install.  Or try another media type, external CD perhaps.

  • I have downloaded the latest for yesterday image. Extension .img. To install I am using a 8GB usb stick. Recorded the image with win32diskimager application.
    I have used the same way to install ubuntu.
    thank you!

  • Wow, changing media to CD helped. I was trying to avoid writing a CD. Do it "Go Green" style.
    Thank you!

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