Firewall widget loses lines on each ajax update in 2.2 RC

  • Hi, I just updated my firewall setup at home (running inside Vbox VM).
    The firewall widget seems to have a small issue.
    Each time a new item is supposed to be refreshed (pushing an old item out) it instead completely removes the line.
    That is you begin say with a firewall widget with 5 lines and on each updates it loses a line until it is just the title and no items in it.

    Should fix the rows disappearing and a bunch of other things I noticed, that I mention in the pull request text.

  • Thanks a bunch, it solved the issue :)

  • Updated pull request:
    It has the same fix for the disappearing rows, but has (hopefully) better stuff for handling the format of initially displayed rows, and rows added/updated by the Java Script, in a consistent way. Also it displays IPv6 addresses in square brackets [fe80:1::2:3] format so that a port number after an IPv6 address is not ambiguous - [fe80:1::2:3]:80

  • Its probably too late now with 2.2 release nearby, but I would like to suggest something.
    Take a look at Snort logs widget.
    Don't you think its format is more useful for displaying data?
    That is make the widget in 3 columns:
    1. Date/Time
    2. Source interface
    3. Source ip,port/Dest ip/port (as one column).
    Right now ports usually get hidden because of insufficient widget width.

  • I don't have an systems with Snort - can you post a screenshot of a typical Snort widget output?
    Then I can see if it would work well to do similar for Firewall Log widget.

  • Hi,

    I also have a slight problem with the firewall widget. On my system the logs have stopped updating in the widget since Dec 13 but they are logged correctly in Menu>Status>System Logs. I have updated 2.2RC snapshots daily since 2.2 was announced. I have cleared the logs in logs settings but that doesn't make any difference in the widget. I have also removed add readded the widget without effect. Please see the attached images. There is also a minor cosmetic issue with the traffic graph but that only occurs in Safari and not Firefox.

  • Here is an example screenshot showing both firewall widget and snort widget.

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