Own Domain not available from internal. From external everythin Ok

  • Hi all

    I have a problem with my pfsense network. I can reach my services from external over my domain: ftp://example.com:21  when I try to open my services from the Lan I have to use the Lan IP Adress: for example.

    Does anybody know why that happens?

    Thanks for answers

  • Take a look to your DNS Resolver/Forwarder and check to map DHCP Leases.

  • When you use the name, that translates to the public IP address, which goes to the WAN of your pfSense. That is all a bit tricky - the packets are coming from the LAN side and turning up as incoming on WAN, then are port-forwarded back to the server in question. NAT reflection can make that stuff happen OK, but it is easiest to do split-DNS.
    On your pfSense DNS add a host override for example.com pointing it to - then clients on your LAN cab use "example.com" in their URLs and for them it will translate to and work.
    User out on the public internet will get the "real" translation of "example.com" to your public IP and use that like they do now.

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