PFsense for Gig service

  • Currently I run an R6250 router and have moderate issues with both lockups and latency over time.  Once I reboot all is well.  The issue is I have try Gig service as I live in Chattanooga TN and its provided but EPB Fiber Optics.  We have around 5-8 machines on at a time in the house.

    I would like to have a firewall that can actually run throughput for the full gig.  Right now speedtests vary from 300-700 depending on how long the router has been up.

    What kind of specs should I be looking at in building a sense box to achieve gig reliably?

  • What packages do you want to run? (If any)

    Do you just want a simple router? Or are you looking at snort/suricata/squid/havp? What about vpn?

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