Triple wan with load balance and failover

  • Hi,

    I have 2 leased lines + 1 DSL line. All of them with static IP's on my 1.2 pfSenses (I've got two  of them setup with Carp)
    Now I have the 2 leased lines set up for outbound load balancing pool, which works fine.
    I would like to set up the DSL line as a failover backup for the case if the two leased lines are broken.
    I thought to setup  a virtual ip for the balancing leased lines pool and set it up for failover pool with the DSL. Is it possible? I think the  most simple solution would be to add the dsl to the balancing pool, but it has much less upstream bandwidth as the leased ones (though downstream is even better).
    It is a 7/24 working system, so I want to be sure if it is working or not.


  • What you want to create is a mixed "loadbalancing with failover option" pool. Unfortunately this is not possible (yet). Never thought of such a scenario until now but it surely makes sense to have something like this. We'll discuss this. For now the answer is "no, not possible".

  • Thank you hoba for the quick answer.
    Then I put the DSL to the balancing pool.

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