Submitted crash reports & a suggestion.

  • Last couple of 2.2 RC updates have failed to reboot after doing an upgrade, didnt report the first one, but upgrading to

    2.2-RC (amd64)
    built on Mon Dec 22 01:05:39 CST 2014
    FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p2

    yesterday, I experienced the same hang after upgrading and this morning I see I had a system crash around 03.30 (report was submitted) which looks like its related to OpenVPN.

    I say this as the two might be linked, ie the package might not have installed properly due the upgrade process.

    A suggestion which might be useful, is to have a text field where additional info can be submitted when the crash reports are submitted, this way as devs you dont restrict your intelligence stream if some crashes are not obvious.



    I dont know what is submitted, but in the system log
    it had these entries, the 02:46 is interesting for me.

    There's only a windows mail server behind this firewall running on virtualbox on a ubuntu host and a separate tvsettop box, openvpn is installed but not being used yet as I havent got round to testing that yet.

    Dec 23 03:32:02 kernel: ue0: link state changed to DOWN
    Dec 23 03:32:02 kernel: ue0: link state changed to UP
    Dec 23 03:32:02 kernel: ue0: link state changed to DOWN
    Dec 23 03:32:02 check_reload_status: Linkup starting ue0
    Dec 23 02:46:22 lighttpd[20495]: (connections.c.137) (warning) close: 18 Connection reset by peer
    Dec 23 01:01:08 php: rc.dyndns.update: phpDynDNS (): No change in my IP address and/or 25 days has not passed. Not updating dynamic DNS entry.

    Edit 2

    Are crash reports encrypted when submitted?

    I wonder after reading this

  • That crash report was just a missing include on IPsec that was fixed yesterday. That was the only crash report that came from the IP you're logged into the forum from.


    Are crash reports encrypted when submitted?

    They're submitted only via HTTPS in 2.2 and a couple 2.1x releases prior to that.

  • I just submitted another one and saw briefly something to do with ipsec. Anyway downloading latest version so will see how thats goes.

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