OpenVPN Static NAT - Please help

  • Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, coming up blank.  This is the need.

    3 OpenVPN Users (userA, userB, userC)
    Each user gets static local IP each time they authenticate to OpenVPN running on PFSense

    UserA -
    UserB -
    UserC -

    I have 4 WAN IP addresses.

    User A - will statically nat to WAN IP 1 - x.5.5.2
    UserB - will statically nat to WAN IP 2 - x.5.5.3
    UserC - will statically nat to WAN IP 3 - x.5.5.4

    WAN IP 4 = x.5.5.5 - using this for management access for now

    So far I am unable to figure out how to set this up so that:

    UserA gets the same local each time they login


    UserA gets the WAN IP 1 - x.5.5.2, instead all traffic is being HIDE NAT'd behind the management WAN IP 4 = x.5.5.5.  I have set up Static NAT 1:1.  I have also tried to manually configure NAT.  When configuring this I have selected the source interface as the OpenVPN interface AND the WAN IP which is the address that I terminate the VPN on (WAN IP 4 = x.5.5.5).

    Thank you in advance.

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