Loading available packages failure

  • Hi,

    I'm new to pfSense and got it up and running.

    For internet access I configured it to use a proxy server. In the dashboard the version check works fine.
    But when I opened the package manager and tried to get the available packages it couldn't fetch the list of available packages.

    From the logs of my proxy I figured pfSense tried to load the list from https://packages.pfsense.org, which failed with a 501.

    After configuring the package manger (https://pfsense/pkg_mgr_settings.php) to use http://packages.pfsense.org as repository it worked.

    Resetting the config to standard I'll get "Unable to retrieve package info from https://packages.pfsense.org. Cached data will be used."

    So the only difference is the SSL access. Why does it work with HTTP, but not with HTTPS?


    P.S.: It's 2.1.5

  • maby your proxy is blocking some https traffic?

    check logs on this side as you try to download packages and try to spot some rejected requests from the proxy.


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