Hard drive or SSD

  • What is the best solution for PFSense, using an SSD, using regular hard drive or using an SD card.

  • If you want to run squid with cache on disk SSD will give you a boost. Apart from savings with power consumption and disk cache I cannot see any reason for using SSD.

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    Yep ^.
    Pretty much depends entirely on your use case. Are you running packages? What hardware is it running in? Do you have a power/heat/noise issue?


  • With SSDs now rated for 20 GB of writes per day or more and the cheap prices it is hard to pass on one. The low power and zero noise are what sold me.

  • Several years back when people were asking about SSDs, NewEgg piped up and said they had 1/2 the warranty claim rate on SSDs than mechanical HDs.

    Like others have pointed out, low power and no sound is nice. Plus it's low heat and you don't need to worry about vibrations or anything.

  • SSD–>low power, no noise, no mechanical parts.

  • SSD > number of writes. i had SSD initially, now i got 500gb SATA3, maybe there is a difference but i dont see it ;) , people say noise… well ok, maybe im deaf, i dont hear anything, just my fans from my  desktop :D

    My suggestion search forums around, there is plenty info on that ;) gl

  • My SSDs are all going strong but I'm only running SLC SSDs.
    I don't like trying to repair things from far far away.

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