Hardware recommendation for 50-100 users

  • hi,

    i have an old pfsense install running captive portal running on an alix board.  I want to upgrade the hardware, I'll go with a desktop and an intel hp nc360t dual port nic.

    Is an intel dual core workstation 2.6ghz with 2gb ram plenty of horsepower to support pfsense and captive portal supporting 50-100 users simultaneously?  Or should I get a newer workstation?

  • download speeds will be capped at no higher than 40-50mb down and 20mb up, if that helps anyone's recommendations at all.  Is the setup I had spec'd in the first post sufficient, or do I need more cpu or ram?  thank you.

  • Netgate Administrator

    50Mbps total or per user?

    Is that a Core2Duo at 2.6GHz or something newer?


  • that would work if you do not want to run squid,etc

    I would suggest something more capable

  • hi, thanks for the replies … yes i was thinking a core 2 duo 2.6.  50mb total download, not per user.  No packages other than enabling captive portal.

    Is more ram or a better cpu more beneficial?  Is there a particular class of cpu's that is recommended for a cost-effective / more capable system?

    thank you

  • Netgate Administrator

    That will be far in excess of what you need. A huge upgrade on the ALIX.  :)
    You would have no problems if you decided to run Squid or Snort on that box at 50Mbps. Though if you were more ram couldn't hurt.
    The only reason to get something more modern would be power efficiency or possibly looking to a faster WAN in the future. It will cost significantly more to run that than the ALIX. The ALIX uses very little power, ~5W, where as a C2D will likely be ~40-50W though that is very dependent on the system it's installed in.


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