Backup to master sync

  • This maybe ansered 100+ times over, but I am new to pfSense and probably not use correct keyword on search.  But my issue is that is it possible to replicate the config from "backup" to "master" while master is down?  So what I mean is that when the master goes down, the backup become to "new" master.  While the "new" master is up, I do some change on the config, then when the "true" master comes backup, it seems the change does not carry over.  Is that the limitation or something I didn't config right?

  • No, configuration settings are synchronized in one direction only, form master to slave.

    However, I have never tested what happens when configuring the synchronization on slave also against the bold recommendation:
    NOTE: Do not use the Synchronize Config to IP and password option on backup cluster members!

  • Thus when the "master" is down, ether don't do any change to slave, or if there is change to slave, we have to manually update the master when it is up I guess?

    I tried to do the "bold" but it gave error on the "slave" immediately saying something like it does find the target as a valid sync device.

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