Dual WAN (ADSL & SDSL) : Only the SDSL link is up

  • Hi,

    As a network and system administrator working for an ISP, I have to set a PfSense router working with Dual WAN.

    Let me explain my situation :

    I'm in a LAN, with a router using PFsense as a gateway (let's say
    From one side, I want a SDSL link coming (and it works perfectly, I used the modem as Public+Public and put it a static WAN IP address 93.174.XX.XX according to the informations of the credentials so that the ISP can identify the connection.)

    From the other side, I want an ADSL link in PPPoE. So I set it in PPPoE mode, and put the credentials in it (they usually work given that I have already tried this configuration before and only the ADSL link worked, not the SDSL ..) but the ADSL link can't get an IP address ..

    If you have any idea of what my mistake(s) could be, I would be very grateful.

    Thank you for advance :)

  • Just to tell you that I just solved my problem for the ADSL link. But now, the failover isn't working from both side. I followed about 50 different tutorials and I cannot get it operationnal. Could you please give me the good way to solve it ?

    Thank you for advance.

  • Up please, the failover is stil not working.  :(

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