Pfsense vs monowall traffic shaping

  • In your opinions, what do you guys think has a better traffic shaper? Last time I used pfsense, was Beta1. It didn't seem to work right when you wanted to prioritize one device/IP address on the network, however, monowall works perfect with that respect.

    I do know that I could just try it out myself, but it takes like an hour to set it up and it would just be quicker to get some opinions on it here.


  • The latest release supposedly fixed a lot of the problems, may want to take a second look.

  • You really should check out a newer version. There have been a LOT of fixes to the shaper which made it run pretty good. However there are still some glitches for certain situations and you shouldn't judge the shaper before it is final. m0n0s shaper isn't really comparable with pfSenses shaper. As they are completely different there might be situations where one shaper is superior above the other (for example if you want to shape bridged traffic you have to use m0n0, pfSense can't yet do shaping on a bridge) where pfSense IMO is far superior when it comes to VoIP for example. BTW, I don't like the discussion which one is the better as they are just different. You at least have to ask "which one is better for purpose x ?"  ;)

  • well, I kinda thought I did ask for a specific purpose, but looking back it seems that may not have been clear. I was wondering if it is possible to prioritize a single IP address on your network over everyrthing else.

    It's for vonage for my small home network(~8 devices). To me, it's just easier to prioritize the IP address of the Vonage adapter than it is to figure out how to tell pfsense or monowall how to identify VOIP traffic.

    When I set it up that way on pfsense, the call quality was always very choppy(on the outbound, I did the test with heavy traffic from my other computer). I did the exact same test from monowall, and it was crystal clear. Do you think, that pfsense matches up to monowall in this one aspect? I want to switch back, because for EVERYTHING else, pfsense was FAR better. It's just that the only reason I even installed a firewall like this, instead of just using one of my boxed routers, was for the packet shaping.


  • Run the trafficshaper wizard. It has exactly the option you need. You can enter a VOIP IP or an alias. You also have the option to select Vonage as VOIP Povider. Either should work. The choppyness was surely related to the issues the shaper had these days. Give it a go. It should be fine now.