Check_mk package not responding

  • Hi,
    I'm using check_mk on my 2.15 pfsenses and it works fine, but on the nightly builds from 2.2, I can install without any error, but it doesn't seem to listen on port 6556.

    netstat -nap tcp
    doesn't show anything listening on 6556

    Is this similar to Linux where it's xinetd doing the listen ?


  • Answering the posters quesion: Doesn't look like it gets added to inetd but..

    I just installed the check_mk package and the issue I'm having is that there isn't a bash package available and it's required by check_mk.

    Changing from #!/bin/bash to #!/bin/sh didn't seem to help or creating a symlink.

    Just checked.. with version from this morning.


  • Anybody else, who can help here ?

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