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    In the mid February I'm planning to colocate another server, and right now I'm thinking about firewall solution. It will be a VMware host on Dell R620 (2 x CPU Intel E5-2600 v2, 128GB RAM, 2 NIC (1Gbps port and management port) I was thinking about hardware solution but the licenses for the hw firewall are too expensive (over 1000 pounds for IDS).

    I did some research and I think that software firewall pfsense will be the best option.

    1. Does anyone using pfsense for production servers ? have you got any problems ?
    2. The traffic on existing server is between 20Mbit/s and 150Mbit/s up - Do you think that IDS like snort or suricata will work without any problems with pfsense on this traffic ?
    3. Some software don't support private IP addresses, the server network setting have to be configured on public IP address - is it possible to pass traffic from server in DMZ through pfsense on public IP addresses ? ( –> pfSense -->


  • 0. I think a dedicated appliance would be appreciated, not a virtual appliance. Security wise.

    1. Yes, many, many, many people and companies do (and yes, many, many, many problems occur: that is what this forum is for; it's almost just like in real life: problems  ;D ).
    2. I think 99,9999999999999999999999999999999999999% it won't be any problem. But I will humbly leave this to the Great Steve or others to reply: they know all the nasty details I don't.
    3. I'm a noob, I'll leave this question for the Masters who actually know what they are doing  ;D

  • Whenever someone around me asks questions about implementing pfSense in any commercial environment I usually pull up this document and show them.

    pfSense can easily be configured to port forward on a port by port,  1:1 NAT, or even act only as a firewall to devices/computers behind it that have their own public IP addresses.


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