Why IPSEC is not responding ?

  • Hello Guys,

    I'm trying to figure out why my VPN server is not working… I enabled IPsec under VPN --> IPsec, then I have created phase 1 (Attachment 1.png) in remote gateway I have added my firewall IP address which is configured in interface --> WAN -->  IPv4 Address. After this I have created phase 2 (attachment 2.png). Then I created new user under Pre-Shared Keys and under Firewall --> Rules --> IPsec I have enabled access to everything.

    And in theory everything should work (I think) but it doesn't - On my iPhone I'm getting "the VPN server did not respond", I quickly telnet to it and it looks like port 500 is closed.

    I can't see any logs under IPsec so my phone don't even hit IPsec.

    Any ideas what I have done wrong ?


  • Hello Snort,

    I had to pass through the trail you'r actually walking only two weeks ago.

    you can find my actual and working configuration on my second reply on this post.


    Give me some news about it.


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