How to Connect 2 Different LAN

  • Hello,

    I am trying to ping computer #2 from computer #1, What do I need to do.

    Router #1 is a boring Verizon Fios router
    Router #2 is an old computer turned PFsence router

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi you !

    i cann't see picture…!


  • Sorry didn't even notice :/

  • Static routes?

  • @santello:

    Static routes?

    I would like to keep the network a bit more dynamic, computers will be coming and going often. Although it's not a bad idea if there are no good options for automation, I will keep this in mind.

  • Unless you LANs have dynamic IPs,I don't see any problem with automation on this solution.


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    For starters I wouldn't do it that way..  Why not do where both segments are connected to pfsense

    If you really want to do it this way.  Pfsense doesn't need any routes since 192.168.1/24 would be on its wan interface..  But a client on that network for example would not know how to get to 10.1.1/24 network - it would talk to its gateway the (router 1) and router one would send it out the internet, since it has no route to 10.1.1/24

    Now you could nat at pfsense, so all connection from look like they came from pfsense wan connection and clients on your 192.168.1/24 would now be able to talk to them.  Or you could create a route on router 1 that says hey network 10.1.1/24 - talk to pfsense wan IP on the 192.168.1/24 network.  Are you planning on turning pfsense NAT off?  If so what routing protocols does your router 1 support, sure you could use say RIP to exchange route information..

    But again this is odd way to accomplish something that can be made so simple by just putting both segments directly connected to pfsense.

    If you were going to use a down stream router, then you would normally connect with a transit network connecting your routers.

    What is your actual end goal?  Are these clients connected to router 1 wireless?  You do understand you can pick up AP and nic's for like like $10 and $20 – so like $30 investment gets you a much better setup if your pfsense box does not have more than 1 nic and or you need to leverage the wifi on your 1st router, etc.

  • I agree it is an "odd way" of doing it. I guess that's why I'm having such a hard time figuring it out. For very stupid reasons I have to do it this roundabout way… I have tried explaining how much easyer it would have been having pfsense do it all  but I failed to convince.  :-\  can't really say much more then that.  :-X

    Both of the routers have AP connected to them (sense you where wondering)

    I'm going to try using NAT on pfsense, I feel doing anything advanced router 1 (also know as boring verizon router) will not be supported. In fact the closest thing you can do is port forwarding, an advance feature for home routers when it came out.  :-\

    Thanks, I'll let you both know how it ends up

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