Load Balancing/Failover - special solution needed

  • Hello.

    Happy Hollidays everybody.

    Im using PFSense with 4 Interfaces:

    WAN1 (20/1)
    WAN2 (5/1)

    Now its set as a Robin Hood Interface (with WAN1/weight 4 and WAN2/weight 1 both set as Tier1) for both LAN1 and LAN2.

    Now i need to change it.
    LAN1 has to use WAN1 as principal WAN and use WAN2 only if more bandwith is needet than WAN1 offers.
    LAN2 has to use WAN2 as principal WAN and use WAN1 only if more bandwith is needet than WAN2 offers.

    Is there a way to configure PFSense like this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • You can use failover gateway groups (put WAN1 Tier1, WAN2 Tier2 on 1 group, and the reverse on the other). That will let you add rules on LAN1 and LAN2 to send the traffic to the required WAN, but have it fail over if a WAN goes down.

    "only if more bandwith is needed" - there is no feature for that.

    To do such a thing would need some parameters to define what that means. e.g. if you download just a 10MB file, then, assuming the internet server is faster than your link/s, you will "need more bandwidth" for the minute it takes to download. Whenever anything other than single-packet back-and-forth interaction is happening, then using more bandwidth is "needed" (i.e. faster).
    Probably it means "if the main link is saturated for more than n secs then add some bandwidth by using the other link also".

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