No space left on device error. and random crash

  • dear all,

    please help me with the error in attached image. i tried with different hardisks 500 gbs but i left the office with everything ok but in the moring i am unable to access the pfsense router box. please help

    but when i gave static ips to devices internet works but unable to acess pfsense box

  • does the pfsense console works on the host machine?


  • @zikmen:

    does the pfsense console works on the host machine?


    i have just restarted the system and it works fine. i don't know what happen in the night time because i left the office with everything fine but in the morning pfsense box goes down.

  • maby a hardware related problem.

    Try thoses tests in the following order and stop if you find someone guilty of your problems.

    test hard drive with mhdd (if sata, must be set to "as ide" in bios instead of "ahci")
    test memory with Memtest (and shake memory dimms while testing) the test should not stop as you shake the dimms. if it stops, use contact cleaner (DeoxIT)
    install windows on the workstation (to be sure the machine is working fine)
    clear the cmos
    Try another cdrom drive
    burn the disc again
    reinstall PfSense with default settings
    finally, give us an update.


  • If it happens again, look in /var and maybe /tmp. You should be able to use the console menu option 8 to get to a command prompt. There is likely to be some file/s filling up the space. If you can find what big file/s there are, then report back and we can then try to work out what happened to cause it.

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