IPoIB / Infiniband Support

  • I'm interested in using Infiniband and IPoIB with pfSense. My goal is to eventually be able to use my existing pair of pfSense firewalls to route traffic to hosts already using IPoIB. Based on what I've found so far it appears that getting IPoIB working on pfSense 2.1 is very difficult to impossible given the version of the kernel.

    Will Infiniband based networking be possible in 2.2? I assume that if it is possible that there would be a bit of work to get it running; I'm not expecting it to work out of the box. If it might be possible I'd be willing to offer my environment and some of my time to aid in testing it. My environment features an HA pair of pfSense boxes and four systems off of a pair of Voltaire 2036 switches. All of the HCAs and switches are running at 4xQDR (~40Gbps bidirectional; ~36Gbps usable). I assume that this work would require downtime which shouldn't be a problem.

    tl;dr Will IPoIB be possible in 2.2? If so I can help test.

  • Here is one of a few previous posts from others regarding Infiniband support:

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