Postfix forwarder issue

  • I have a new machine running 2.2 RC and am trying to get postfix forwarder to work. It appears to install fine but in the log the first entry shows fatal error - /etc/aliases no such file or directory then a bunch of warning messages that seem to occur at regular interval - process and various file with "bad command startup – throttling". I tried "newaliases" as well as "postalias /etc/aliases" both resulted in fatal no such file or directory error. The GUI shows postfix service is running however external email is not coming through. Initially, I had a couple packages installed but right now I only have postfix installed (and reinstalled) but nothing seem to work. I'll have to switch back to old machine running 2.15 with ASSP which I installed manually. Like the idea of using postfix as it is integrated with pfsense but it doesn't appear to work.

    Also, there were two crash reports caused by postfix which I've submitted via GUI.



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