DHCP lease/static IP for clients with identical hostnames

  • Hi all,

    Is this possible.  I'm trying to use pfsense to provide static IP addresses for two clients (daikin air conditioners). They have different mac addresses but they both have the same hostnames which I can't edit.

    If it can't be done my next step is to set a static IP within the client which can be done but I'd prefer to have it all in pfsense.

    Thanks Josh

  • The DHCP server assigns based on the MAC address so you can have whatever you want as a name in pfSense and the local DNS regardless of what the client sends to the DHCP server in the way of a name.

    I see this on several items of equipment where I have more than one and they all provide the same name. I never even considered it an issue until I discovered the Ubiquity Edge Router software had problems with it.

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