Access the graphical interface from the PC on which pfsense is installed

  • My pfsense installed on the computer
    that Not connected to a mouse and keyboard and screen

    From time to time I approached the address of the graphical interface to
    See if there is any problem

    I have problems with disconnecting from the Internet
    Flawed infrastructure

    When this happens
    I need to turn on another computer and enter the graphical interface and see what the problem

    I want to connect a 14-inch screen that I have to the pfsense computer
    and see the Dashboard Permanent

    Is it possible ?

  • the dashboard cannot be accessed from the host running pfsense directly. You will only have access to the black and white console menu that gives you basic settings. The workaround for doing this on one physical machine would be to install windows, macOS or your favorite linux distro on a workstation and to install VirtualBox on it. After what, you will install PfSense INSIDE a VM. From the host OS, you will be able to access the dashboard.

    Mapping and configuring interfaces for both the host and the pfsense box can be tricky in order to achieve a working setup the first time (for the WAN part) but you'll get used to it quickly.

    hope that awnsers your questions.


  • I know this option
    I thought it might be an easier way

  • Netgate Administrator

    There is a curses based web browser that you can use but it's fairly ugly.


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