How to split connection from LAN to WAN and WAN to LAN??

  • I have two ISP connection.
    Previously, I'm testing with one ISP and I can access FTP (passive) and HTTP from internet to my internal server very fast.
    After I add another connection, the connection from internet to my internal server seems slowing down and almost down to zero Kbps.
    But no problem at all from my internal to internet.

    I didn't change anything in FTP/HTTP server, I only do:

    • enable BIZNET interface
    • change gateway on some LAN rules

    I want to make split connection:
    FTP/HTTP server from/to ISP #1 (WAN)
    Selected users (EDP) to ISP #2 (BIZNET)
    The rest of users to ISP #1 (WAN)

    What should I do to split the connection for 2 ISP?  ??? ??? ???

    After that testing, i'm switching off BIZNET interface and set back all changed rules to previous state, but download process from my FTP/HTTP to internet is still slowing down. Upload still fine. I dont know what's wrong with it.

    Could someone give me some advice?

  • In the future, I'm going to make my office internet connection like this:

    How to make this kind of configuration using pfsense?

  • Able to split outgoing connection from LAN to WAN.
    Still confuse about incoming connection.

    Lack of documentation and support here.  :'( :'( :'(

  • Able to open incoming connection from internet to lan for spesific port via Port Forward and NAT 1:1 via WAN interface.

    Some questions:

    • FTP download is very-very slow on WAN interface from internet (already open TCP FTP and TCP 55000-60000 for Passive FTP).
    • Unable to ping the OPT1 interface from any (already open ICMP connection to it's IP).
    • Unable to ping virtual IPs on OPT1 interface from any (already open ICMP connection to it's virtual IP).