PfSense webgui not accepting changes [Solved]

  • Hi guys,

    I have been running a pfSense box for about 18 months. I'm by no means an expert, but manage to muddle through most of the time. This one I just can't figure out.

    I have just set up a virtual pfsense box in the cloud. It's under KVM, so has the virtIO drivers installed per the tutorial. It's version 2.1.5-RELEASE

    I am not in the cloud, however, so have forwarded the web management to a random port number, and changed the default username.

    I can log in, and access the webgui, but I can't make any changes. It just reverts to what it was before the change, and I don't understand what's happening. Trying to change the hostname, for example, returns 'hostname changed successfully' but then the next screen that I load shows that it is still what it was before the change.

    Most other things just don't work at all. Like trying to enable the HAVP proxy, clicking save just reloads the page with all the settings as they were before I changed them.

    I am able to add rules via console with easyrule, and they show up when i reload the rules page in the webgui, if that helps at all.

    I would have thought that if anything was wrong it wouldn't let me view the WebGUI, but I seem to be able to view and not change. I'm tearing my hair out - any help appreciated.

    EDIT: it seems that the hostname showing in the SSH console is the one I'm trying to change to. The one showing in the webgui is the one i'm trying to change from. Not sure if this helps shed light.

    EDIT: Also, when it died I was busy installing packages (snort, squid, pfblock, havp, etc.) let me know if you need a list of them. Thanks.


  • So, it turns out the problem seems to be with updating the GUI at all.

    After trying to remove the packages that might be the problem, they weren't being removed from the list, so I ran an ls on /usr/local/pkg - and it turns out they're being removed, it's just the webgui that isn't updating.

    Similarly, as previously mentioned, the hostname is correct in the console, but not in the webgui.

    Finally, when I change the theme (as a test) it also reverts back when changing to another page in the webgui - suggesting that it just ain't being updated by anything.

    Hope this helps shed some light, I'll keep working on it otherwise.

  • I restored from a snapshot I had, completely wiping the system. I have re-built to the stage I was at, and the system works fine. Just putting it down to a gremlin.

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