How to stop pfsense filter rule

  • Our company with PFsense firewall in cloud platform .

    I took the necessary job to communicate internal VM IP PBX and external customer IP PBX .

    There are two ways for the interconnection pattern peering or register . I refer the URL:

    Setting "Reset state" reference to article
    Pfsense mill was work , but later block automatically .

    Pfsense the filter is very strange with this filter will automatically do not need

    Reset state, after a period of time can kill filter to automatically block later

    In the PBX register mode has also been found that in the Internet registration packets do not block,  the flow of packets blocked a part of .

    Also found in IP PBX changed after setting ;Pfsense on the block this packet with this unreasonable action .

    In NAT settings "filter rule association" setting none & pass, filter rule does not produce, but will not flow with this before, in the state nor the kill filter

    Must be set to "rule nat" then kill filter the job .thanks to PFsense can grab packets directly from the interface proved pfsense block packets

    Otherwise, do not know how to tell the boss proved pfsense issue was also being had this problem have any good suggestions to deal with it?

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