Best way to add NAS box to network.

  • OK guys be genital I am not an expert on this. I hope this does not sound like a stupid question.

    I am adding a NAS server to my network (FreeNAS) and would like advise on the best method of setup. I want certain remote users (VPN and FTP) to only see the NAS box but have full access from lan and Wlan. My current set up is as follows.

    WAN (static ip PFsense as firewall)
    Lan (PFsense)
    Opt1 (Wlan) PFsense using captive portal for access and VPN to lan.

    Should I put the NAS box on its own nic (opt2) and let pfsense manage access?

    Thank in advance!

  • I would add the freeNas box to the nework.  If you are using MS active directory I would tie the server into the active directory.  Apply permissions as necessary.  you would be fine from there.  I be glad to work with you.  Send me a private email and we can discuss.

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