Suricata 2.0.4 pkg v2.1.2 – Bug Fix Update Release Notes

  • Suricata 2.0.4 pkg v2.1.2

    This update to the Suricata package contains two bug fixes and three minor feature changes.  These changes impact the GUI package code only.  There are no changes to the underlying Suricata binary which remains at version 2.0.4.

    Bug Fixes
    1.  When checking MD5 hash file contents during Emerging Threats IQRisk file updates, extra spaces read from file can cause a MD5 hash validation error.

    2.  On greenfield installs of Suricata, the installation hangs and never completes due to a fatal error caused by an attempt to read from a non-array value as if it were an array value. Because the PHP error was thrown in an included file, the error was hidden from the user.

    Feature Changes
    1.  When enabled, ET IQRisk update checks for IP REPUTATION files are now performed every 6 hours instead of once per day.

    2.  After entering a valid ET IQRisk subscriber code and clicking SAVE on the IP LISTS tab, an immediate download of the IQRisk IP Reputation files is performed.  A cron task is also created that automatically checks for updates to these files every 6 hours.

    3.  On the IP LIST MGMT tab for IP Reputation files, the list of available files is now filtered and any md5 hash files are not shown as they are not valid for interface assignment.

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