Multi WAN - Selected Services and failover

  • Hi there,

    i am currently having a setup with two WAN connections. Currently pfsense runs just along the old firewall, but i hope I'm going to switch over soon.

    The first one, which also currently is the WAN and default Gateway is an ADSL line with a static IP. It is connected trough an transfer network, but I propably will attach it via PPPoE soon.
    The second one is a VDSL line, which has no static IP. It also is connected via a different transfer network. For this one I propably can't switch to PPPoE due to AVMs new "no PPPoE" policy.

    Anyhow, i have a mail server running and it obviously need to utilise the static IP for incomming and outgoing mail, so at least on port 25.

    What I tried to achive with a test machine is to set the pfsense as its gateway and then define an rule on the LAN Network, that anything comming from my test machine (identified by its ip) gets the VDSL gateway instead of the default.

    Long story short, it doesn't work. Any ideas on what I might have misses, misunderstood or simply done wrong?

    I suppose this question has already been answered several times, but I can't find the right keywords to search for.

    Thanks a lot

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