Port forward Error

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a problem with my NAT.

    I setup Pfsesne VM as router to share traffic to all RDP VMs.

    And i setup 4 port forwards for 4 VMs with failoverip:1 , failoverip:11, failoverip:45, failoverip:48 after installing pfsense.

    After 2 or days 3 :11 :45 :48 are disconnected and dropped down, :1 still works. Tried to change :11 to another port or add new port are not solutions or improving anything.

    After i tried to delete :1 port, the :11 becomes better :45 :48 still not works; delele :11 and :45 becomes better , …..

    What happened ?

  • Is there any one can help me ?

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