[Solved] Cisco EPC3825 EuroDocsis : Bridge mode ?

  • Hi all,

    I have cable modem Cisco EPC3825 EuroDocsis and its not like ADSL modem as i do not see where is login/pass for connect to ISP
    If i put it in bridge mode, it could work with my pfsense/firewall? How i manage all this stuff?....... Help.

  • Cable modem is identified by ISP by its MAC adress… Dont need any login and pw...

    Ok so i set the Cisco docsis 3 modem cable in bridge mode and set pfsense for WAN in DHCP mode, then restart modem and after restart pfsense and normally after in pfsense for WAN should be up with internet IP.

    Thats all folk, hope it helps someone.. ;)

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