Vlan tag stripping - bge driver

  • Hi,

    I hope this topic is right in this section.

    I've got a problem with pfSense's VLAN-tag support on a Sun V20Z with bge network drivers. I put a dot1q-trunk with two different vlan tags onto the device that should handle the tagged packets but the network connection only works for one network (i.e. only for one of these two vlan tags).

    The curious thing is, that if I set VLAN 1 as the native VLAN for that trunk on the switch, the connection works for VLAN 2
    and if I set VLAN 2 as the native VLAN, the same applies for VLAN 1.  :-\

    FreeBSD 6.2's manpage for the bge driver explicitly says that bge can handle both tag stripping and insertion. So there must be something that I'm doing wrong.

    Does anybody know what the problem could be?


    A good starting point would be identifying the version of pfSense you're using.

    Edit: Sorry, I forgot to say that I'm using the latest stable version of pfSense (1.2)

  • A good starting point would be identifying the version of pfSense you're using.

  • I too have a Sun V20Z running pfSense (1.2 RC4) and have problems with these NICs when trying to use VLAN tagging or interface bridging.

    I have the same problem you describe with Vlans and if I try another setup where I need to have LAN and WAN bridged, no traffic pass through the bridge and on the  status/ interfaces page I see tons of errors on these two interfaces.

    I added two intel gigabit adapters (em driver) and everything is working fine, so I think you're not doing anything wrong, there is a problem with the bge driver on this hardware…

  • Is there anything in the system log that might indicate the problem?

    Regardless, you'll probably have to go to the FreeBSD lists to get this addressed since it seems to be a bug in the bge driver with that particular hardware. We don't modify drivers and don't have the knowledge or resources to fix issues with them unfortunately. freebsd-net@freebsd.org would be the list I recommend.

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