Suricata 2.0.4 - pkg v2.1.3 – Update release notes

  • Suricata 2.0.4 - pkg v 2.1.3

    The PBI binary packages for Suricata 2.0.4 have been recompiled to fix a problem experienced by a handful of users where Suricata would core dump upon startup.  The issue was a missing compiler directive that caused the compiler to generate machine code optimized for the particular CPU type and architecture of the package builder server.  This machine code might then cause issues when executed on other pfSense platforms where the CPU type was not an exact match to that of the package builder.

    There are no GUI functionality changes nor any other updates with this release save for the change in the compiler directives.  Although there is no harm in upgrading to this release, it is really only necessary if you have been experiencing the "core dump" failure to start issue with the last Suricata update.


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