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  • I am not sure which forum to put this in, so I am putting it here. I want to set up a VPN on my pfsense box.  But I would ideally like it if you could connect with just the builtin windows VPN stuff. No third party software necessary.  I would want to use this when I am travelling, or when a friend and I want to play a networked game. Some of the games we play don't have an online option so we would need to VPN in order to get it to work. I am currently running 2.1.4-RELEASE

  • it's supposed to be possible in the 2.2-RC version (not a finished product, may contain bugs)


    it's best to try the instructions on the post above & if needed ask questions there.

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    I would really suggest you rethink the not install 3rd party portion if I were you - openvpn is easy and quite simple to setup.  Can run on windows, linux, os x, bsd, ios and android without much thought or effort.

    Click click in pfsense and you have vpn server setup that only requires 1 port to be open - while if you use ipsec or pptp built in clients with windows odd ports and protocols are required to be open.  While with openvpn you can run it over 443 so this is pretty guaranteed to be open no matter where you location - and can even work off a proxy if your behind one for example at work place, etc..

    The openvpn export packages on pfsense allows you to export a config file for mutiple clients and or setups that you just need to open on your client and your connected.  Thinking its going to be easier with the built in client is just not how it is.

    That would be my advice to you.  Good luck!

  • I'll chime in to report the same — the OpenVPN stuff is really easy, as in, it took me about ten minutes to go from no VPN on my pfSense box to VPN connections set up and tested on my iOS (using the OpenVPN Client), Mac (using Viscosity), and Windows (using the OpenVPN Client) machines. I now just keep a password-protected ZIP file in my Dropbox with the relevant config files, so that if I find myself on the road and needing to install them quickly (e.g., I set up a new VM and needed to connect), it's easy to do.

  • Thanks for the advice everyone.  I looked into, and managed to get the OpenVPN stuff setup and working. You were right, it was super simple to set up and it seems to be working great now!

    Thank you!

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