Squid Reports in v2.2?

  • Hi,

    Has anyone been able to get Squid reports to work in v2.2 (either LightSquid or Sarg)? In both the Realtime access seems to see information in the logs, but neither will seem to generate a report … :(


  • I use sarg on 2.2. Check if it's not generating reports on wrong folder. Some pbi packages on pfsense 2.2 need symlinks from /usr/pbi/x/y /usr/local/x/y to work correctly.

  • All it takes to have sarg reports working in 2.2 is this (apart from install of course :D)

    1. rm -rf /usr/local/sarg-reports
    2. ln -s /usr/pbi/sarg-amd64/local/sarg-reports /usr/local

  • Awesome - that works, thanks!

    BTW, maybe a dumb question, but … why is this necessary?

  • I guess the package is not fully transferred to 2.2 yet.

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