[SOLVED] Installing pfSense 2.2 aligned to 4k blocks on SSD

  • Hi everyone,
    I'm taking the plunge to upgrade to pfSense 2.2 on my home firewall. I'm trying to get it aligned to 4K, which I gave up on with 2.1 but I figured 2.2 would use GPT by default now.

    I can't seem to get this to work. Installing using the "Easy", blow away your disk, method gave me an un-aligned MBR disk. Then I tried using gpart, setting things up similar to this http://www.wonkity.com/~wblock/docs/html/ssd.html and using the "Advanced" install, skipping what I could but at one point, when you pick your slice, it blows away my GPT partition table.

    Finally, I'm going to try to do some math and trick MBR to get aligned to start at 2048, that's where I'm at now. I'd happy to take suggestions, Thanks!

    I did the following before using the Advanced install.

    gpart create -s mbr ada0
    gpart add -t freebsd -b 504 ada0

    This tricked the installer into using a slice that was alligned to both 63 (fake sector) and 8(x512=4K). 16 blocks of free space preceded the UFS partition, but the partition still ended up being 4K aligned.
    (504+16)x512/4096=65 (a nice whole number =] )

    I think a better solution would be to make the partitioner use the flag '-a 4k'. As seen here https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/mbr-and-alignment-on-4k-disks.42725/

  • Just curious - are you using the full version or the nano version?

  • @dstroot:

    Just curious - are you using the full version or the nano version?


    if anyone else is installing full on an SSD, make sure to enable trim
    Hit CTRL+c during installer shutdown or boot into single-user mode

    /sbin/tunefs -t enable /dev/ada0s1a

    I also added the 'noatime' option to the /etc/fstab entry

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