What is a good, compatible mini pci-e wireless card?

  • Having just bought a Gigabyte GA-H97N-WIFI mobo I can tell you that the mini-wifi card and the secondary atheros nic do not want to work "out of the box" with Pfsense. The mini wifi looks like it's an Intel, but I cannot find any documentation on it as to what model it is. In any event pfsense does not seem to see it. What is a good mini-pci-e card to replace it with?

  • Intel nics work really nice with pfsense

  • @jaspras:

    Intel nics work really nice with pfsense

    Can you give me a model you know that does? As stated the "intel" mini-pci card I have appears not to work. Thanks!

  • @jaspras:

    Intel nics work really nice with pfsense

    That does not apply to the wireless cards.

    Check pfsense store or another vendor for compatible cards

  • A thread with some cards reported to work with 2.2.

    Some intel cards might work, but AP mode is not supported.

    I've tried a dell card with atheros 9462 chip without much success (this is a combined wifi/BT card - don't get any of those).

    Now waiting for an ar9280 card to arrive, which should be well supported in FreeBSD 10.1. They can be found for 13 dollars on eBay.

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