Embedded update fials from console!

  • Hello all
    i had 5 soekriss 5501 boards and all were loaded with pfsense 1.2 rc4 (512 MB version created throug the CF enlargment script).
    I updated 3 of those boards through console with hyperterminal to 1.2 RELEASE
    I use option 13 then update from URL entered the URL and it all seems to go well, but after they were finished the reboot and then they stop leaving me with OK
    if i type boot then they will go on and boot normally.

    The other 2 boards i updated through ssh then option 13 and then update from URL and they working like they should no OK prompt they start like they should.

    So it looks like the ssh console version works but the hyperterminal version does not work, even if you use the same update mechanism.

    They all use the same file!

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