Options for alerting

  • Folks,

    I've been using pfSense at home for a while now and quite happy with it. I maintains VPNs (both server and client) and just hums along without a problem.

    A friend of mine has started using Sophos UTM9 and swears by it. To-date, there is nothing that he has told me that makes it worth my while to explore it , never mind switch to it. Until now….

    He installed some software he downloaded ( :o ) and the firewall started emailing him about suspicious traffic heading back to China. He checked the logs and true's Bob, there was traffic heading back to China from his machine.

    He said it "just does it" out the box. Is there something like that in pfSense? I would like to be told (or able to be told) and then filter out noise as I need but if there is an exception, I want to know.


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