Apinger dead?

  • I've been having pretty much continual problems with apinger since at least 2.1.4. In 2.1.X, it would decide that the connection was 100% loss even though it still reported latency. In 2.2, mostly it starts to report impossibly low latency.

    With the continuing problems, I thought I might have a look at the source. I was surprised to find that other than moving from svn to git a few years ago, the project has been untouched since an (apparently unreleased) measurement fix in 2006.

    Is apinger effectively dead? Is it time to move on to something else?

  • apinger code as used in pfSense is in the pfSense Tools repository. It has been modified "a lot" by pfSense devs. Although it might be unmaintained recently in those public repos you mention, it is really a pfSense-customized piece of code these days.
    Have a look at the "Tools Repo" sticky thread in pfSense Development forum. You can sign up for access and look at the current code and history of apinger in pfSense. If you can work out what is causing the problems you are experiencing then I'm sure everyone will be happy :)

  • I'm certainly not the man for the job and I am an avid recommender of pfsense, but I can say this for sure.  Apinger needs work.  Or perhaps I should say its default settings need to be "relaxed".

  • i am willing to help any way possible mines been dropping to under 1 ms  with no mention if fix will make it prior to release

  • It will be tackled after 2.2.
    For 2.2 is good enough, we are aware of the possibilities that the delay sometimes can go to levels not acceptable but that behavior helps prevent weird scenarios of the past.

  • well i will watch like a hawk for the alpha cause mines close to unusable the way it is almost always in less than 24 hrs its back to less than 1 ms only slightly better than the other way around  not sure why i am seeing it so often and this bug has not bitten more people ?

  • could this be do to MPLS network windstream switched to??

  • ?

    To my knowledge, I'm not associated with Windstream or an MPLS network.

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