Not bad for a free pfsense box.

  • Picked that up from work.  One of our clients surplused it a year or two ago and I just noticed it on the shelf.  I've been running pfSense on a surplused Watchguard x750e which was nice and all but I did the CF card install which was very limiting.  I took that LodgingLink box and swapped in a 160gb IDE HDD, 512MB RAM, Gb PCI card, and the latest pfSense install.  Running it right now and it''s definitely quieter and takes up less space, but the trade off was 8 Gb ports for 1 Mb and 1Gb ports.  I wasn't using more than a single WAN and single LAN anyway.  CPU is also a little slower than what was in the x750e, but I don't think I'll notice any differences.

    pfSense is reporting that it has the VIA Padlock in it which I might play around with when I get the time.

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    Not bad!!

  • Netgate Administrator

    Can't complain at that price.  ;)
    Via padlock is nice. You'll find it can probably smoke the firebox in VPN throughput (with the correct encryption type) even though the processor is considerably less powerful.


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