RRD traffic graph inaccuracies

  • as the title states, i have noticed a discrepancy between what the wan graphs say vs what lan says and what steam reports. lan and steam will indicate about right at ~105GB down and ~8-9 up, but wan graphs total about 8GB down and ~10GB up over the same time period. even accounting for the normal traffic bouncing around the lan, wan is reporting about 1/12th what it should. the graphs on the same page as the totals reflect what is going on correctly, but the numbers below them do not and it's rather  perplexing why they are not right unless there is some config that makes them only count certain stuff.

  • Single WAN single LAN setup?

    In my very limited experience, WAN and LAN have always been exact mirrors of each other. Could you post your screenshots for LAN and WAN?

    The first thing that comes to mind is you left the RRD graph open in one browser tab, and it keeps accumulating, then you opened a new tab and assumed you were looking at the same windows of time.

  • 2 wan one lan with the wan connections in a gateway group at same tier for rough load balancing. and no, it's just one browser tab.

    here are the requested images (ignore mdm and mdm2, they're just the interfaces i have for accessing bridged modems)

    all three screenshots were captured from the same generated page at the same time

    traffic going out to internet seems to be consistent between everything +-.01GB (probably right on since i can't read the exact details above 1GB) however traffic coming in is wayyyyyyyyyy off.

  • WAN: 826MB in
    WAN2: 821MB in

    LAN 29GB out

    Doesn't pass sanity sniff test
    WAN: In-pass Average 1.46Mb/s Period 826.65MB
    WAN: Out-pass Average 80.99kb/s Period 1.54GB

    Since average is "Total/Time", and the Time is the same, it is logically impossible for the Out-pass to have a smaller average and a larger total. I agree, Something is wrong.

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