Detect WAN IP change?

  • Is it possible to have pfsense detect the change of the WAN IP and then invoke some custom shell script?

    Basically I'm trying to implement my own dynamic-dns service, because I dont want to mess around with the existing free alternatives. The shell script would change the IP adress for one of my webspace's subdomain dns entries.

    While I could do this on a regular basis with a simple cron job, I think it would be smarter and more reliable to fire this only when the IP actually changes.

    Is this possible?

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    Reinventing the wheel?


  • Kind of. The problem is, my WAN IP will only change after a couple of month. After DynDNS was changed to a paid service, I was using noip, only to find out that the daily update I do using their client is not enough, because one still needs to login to noip every x weeks to keep the account alive.
    So instead of messing around with free dynamic dns services, I want to do this with my existing domain, it should be really simple.

    Can you please give more details for the /etc/rc.newwanip you posted? Because I'm really not too familiar with pfsense internals/packages/scripting, so I dont know what to do with this information. Is this a script which is executed to determine WAN IP changes, where I can hook my own shell script?

  • check

    no need to login every x weeks ; works with your own domain or ones that are available

    no need to create another "dyndns" as there are thousands allready

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